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ICC Solutions

ICC Solutions is an independent company founded in 1996, wholly owned by the founding Directors. The Company’s objective is to provide effective and comprehensive software based test tools and associated services to facilitate the most efficient Chip & PIN certifications with global payment brands.

Demonstrating a clear vision with market leadership and associated commitment and expertise, the Company has invested in R&D to develop a radical and innovative new certification environment for the North American market, which is used by the 2nd largest merchant acquirer in the USA. This new environment empowers our clients to be in full control of their testing, therefore addressing the huge volume and necessary scalability required for the USA. We have been recognised as being part of a significant change in the USA payments ecosystem.

With significant high-profile North American market penetration, ICC Solutions has seen exponential growth in sales which is fully expected to continue as the USA is just at the start of their Chip & PIN migration. Company turnover and international sales have increased dramatically since winning two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in 2012 in the International Trade and Innovation categories. Since 2012, sales to the USA have increased by nearly 800%.

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Most buildings crack at some time during their service life. Usually the cracks are of little consequence but they may be the first indication of a serious defect.  Monitoring the changes in crack width across a crack helps determine the cause of cracking and decide what remedial work should be specified.

Formed in 1976, Avongard are the originators and global suppliers of gauges for the monitoring of cracks in buildings and civil engineering structures.  The joint founder of the company and now the Technical Director is a Chartered Structural and Civil Engineer and Chartered Surveyor.

He recognised there was a need for a simple but reliable calibrated gauge for the monitoring of cracks. Prior to that time only crude qualitative methods or high precision high-resolution instruments were available.

Keeping in line with latest advancements in crack monitoring Avongard also now supply a range of continuous and wireless monitoring systems.

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Slingco is an international business with its UK Head Office near Whitworth, Lancashire and its US base in Tyrone, GA.  Slingco has ISO9001 quality assured design and manufacturing facilities in Europe and provides innovative products – and outstanding service – to customers throughout the world – backed by excellent stock levels at both the UK and US offices.

The company’s aim is to make cable installation, protection and support easier for people working in industries as varied as oil and gas, civil engineering, aerospace, transport, public utilities, marine and offshore, the military, performing arts, vehicle building and construction.

A huge range of products and services are offered, from standard engineering disposables delivered from stock through architectural capital equipment.

Design is at the core of the business and the in-house product development team use leading 3D design and modelling software to bring innovative new products to market, as well as testing and enhancing the performance of existing ranges.


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In 2010 Dantech Engineering was formed with two partner directors to develop new products and solutions and take on the role of building bespoke solutions technical turnkey projects.

DanTech Engineering manufactures the meat & bacon press, sanitizing tunnels, conveyors and bespoke equipment for the group, combining more than 120 years experience in production, manufacturing and servicing of equipment for the food industry.

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