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Centre for Business Innovation Ltd

The Centre for Business Innovation in Cambridge manages international blue chip consortia around fast moving areas of technology or business process. Companies from across Europe and the USA benefit by sharing the costs of horizon scanning, benchmarking, research projects, engaging with regulators and doing deals .. all in a confidential and professionally facilitated environment – away from the attention of consultants and competitors. The following consortia are currently ‘live’:

  • Microfluidics (aka Lab-on-a-Chip) with Philips(UK/NL), Danaher(US/Global), HP(UK/US), Dolomite(US/UK), CEA(F), IMT(CH), EV Group(A) ++
  • Nano-Carbon Enhanced Materials (incl Graphene , Carbon Nano-Tubes) with GE Research (US), Airbus (UK,D), RTE (F), Nexans (F), International Copper Assn(US)++
  • Social Media for Business (novel applications of) with Pearson (UK, D), SkyTV(UK, D, I), Airbus (UK,D, F), E.ON(UK,D), Smart City Glasgow (UK)++
  • Inclusive Design (UX for older people – jv with University of Cambridge) with Nestle (CH,UK), GSK (UK, US), Reckitt Benckiser (UK, US), Proctor and Gamble (UK, US), Stora Enso (FI, S), Transport for London (UK), BT(UK),Smith and Nephew (UK)
  • Open Innovation meets Big Data (monetizing analytics in new ways) with Ordnance Survey (UK), Telefonica (D), Liverpool and Victoria Insurance (UK), Scottish Enterprise (UK) ++
  • Medical Adherence (addressing the $trillion problem of people not taking their meds) with Astra Zeneca (UK, US), GSK (UK, US), Abbvie (US, F), Teva (NL, Israel), Philips (NL/US), Vodafone (UK)
  • Corporate Venturing Leadership Forum (launching soon!) with members from D, NL, Dk, Scotland and England.


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SurveyMe is built for the mobile generation, allowing companies to capture real-time customer feedback in exchange for marketing coupons that customers can use instantly or save them into a digital wallet in the app. Available in more than 140 countries and 8 different languages, SurveyMe is a global leader in real-time, point of experience, customer feedback solutions.

With SurveyMe, companies of all sizes can craft surveys and distribute them to customers within minutes of logging on. Businesses are able to engage with users and provide exciting offers, special coupons and exclusive rewards available solely to participants of the survey. CMOs and brand managers can readily view feedback and analytical data through a robust dashboard of tools, all in real time. Businesses can then utilize the collected data to adapt their business model to meet the needs of their customer base, while simultaneously growing brand loyalty and driving foot traffic to their places of business. With unique built-in geolocation technology, more customers can find surveys from businesses they may have never visited, providing a marketing opportunity to businesses as well.


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Quality Bearings Online Ltd

Quality Bearings Online is a leading online supplier of industrial bearings and lubricants to the US, UK and rest of world. Using only quality products, we pride ourselves upon superb service and product knowledge, a broad product range and fast delivery.

Our products are utilised in everything from deep sea diving and general marine, through to the Indy 500, wine making and food production, through to aerospace, engineering laboratories and general machine repairs.

Building a high growth business is all about our customers, suppliers, partners and employees.

Our clear business plan, regular team meetings and shared objectives have ensured that we have exceeded our growth targets for 2016, especially in the area of US exports.

This success has allowed us to employ a further two members of staff.

Understanding the US market, and adapting our products/services to match has been fundamental to this success. Working with UKTI Yorkshire has been fundamental to this success.

We’re now in the stages of creating a new 2016/17 integrated marketing plan for the US, with some ambitious growth targets that will see us developing this great market even further.


Twitter – @qualitybearings

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Fab Funky

At FabFunky we spend our days making lovely, slightly loopy home decor.  So whether our clients are looking for a magical indulgence for their homes or an unusual and unique gift, our items are designed to make them smile and bring a little whimsy into life.

We specialise in and are best known for our Antiquarian Book Prints.  These are our original illustrations, printed onto the real pages of antique British dictionaries and journals from the 1880’s; intriguing, vibrant images set on a backdrop of wild Scottish folk tales, magical Celtic legends, or deliciously out-of-date English journals and dictionaries.

2016 saw us expand our range to include unique and stunning lampshades that bridge the gap between art and design, hand decorated bone china plates, and a beautiful range of comfy cushions for the home.

FabFunky Prints feature the illustrations of Kelly Stevens-McLaughlan, an established artist living by the sea on the south coast of England.

Kelly’s imaginative and often quirky art is highly collectable and adds dazzling brilliance to our pieces to create an instant conversation piece.  We’ve a whole cabinet of curiosities from magnificent stags lounging around in smoking jackets, steampunk foxes, wine appreciating dogs, to crazy steam-driven inventions. We guarantee they’ll make you smile.


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eatsleepthink is a multifaceted team of creative individuals with a passion for great work. With a diverse range of talents and their US partner G&S Business Communications, they offer a genuine promise of originality, creativity and innovation.

With a tightly knit team of 10, eatsleepthink connect with partners all over the globe, from offices in Sheffield UK, New York, Chicago, Raleigh and Philadelphia in the US, to Basel in Switzerland. eatsleepthink and G&S collaborate across all seven continents with a diverse range of clients, including: Syngenta, Dow, Martin Marietta, Trinseo, Dufry and more. eatsleepthink’s partnership with G&S spans over 5 years and together they provide a global approach to PR, Marketing and Creative services. Providing clients with 360 degree integrated marketing solutions, that incorporates: advertising, branding, digital design, trade shows, research, PR and strategy.

The unique transatlantic relationship of eatsleepthink and G&S provides communication solutions that embrace the best that both countries have to offer creating a combined creative powerhouse that helps to fuel some of the world’s biggest businesses.



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AIR2EAU offers a sustainable, disruptive innovation to replace the ‘traditional water cooler.

It is called atmospheric water generation – where we literally “make water out of thin air”

We capture the moisture from the atmosphere and push it through a 7-stage filtration system to make the world’s purest drinking water. Our model that replaces the water cooler produces 28 litres per day.

If you take the UK commercial sector, there are 1 million water coolers that, if replaced by our system, would save the UK  2 million tonnes of carbon emissions and 11 billion litres of water each and every year as well as enhancing people well-being

Our largest unit produces 5000 litres per day and opens up opportunities for large scale water projects such as humanitarian crisis, defence, and large scale supply where traditional infrastructure is either too costly or impractical.

We believe that our start up is a game changer in the way drinking water is made available

So THINK air2eau and DRINK “Water out of Thin Air”



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Gummee Ltd

Gummee Glove was set up in 2012 & was invented by Jodine Boothby when her son was too young to grasp a teething toy, but was constantly chewing on his hands. Jodine searched for a teething mitten & was amazed to discover there was no such thing, anywhere in the world.

Fast forward 4 years & Gummee Ltd & is now a growing brand of teething toys in the UK, with their flag ship product being the worlds first teething mitten, the Gummee Glove. Gummee employs a team of 7 & is about to launch 4 new products, one of which will be for children with special needs. The turnover for this financial year is 345k, with the previous two years being 220k & year one being 39k.

Gummee now directly supplies over 100 independents throughout the UK & Ireland, over 70 x Jojo Maman Bebe stores & Lloyds chemist Ireland, & has distributors in 12 countries. The Gummee Glove is now a number one seller within the category on Amazon, & is regularly in the top 100 baby products on Amazon.

Gummee Glove has won numerous awards within the industry, a note worthy one being the Best New Product in the industry in 2013.

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