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Hi-Rez Studios

Hi-Rez Studios is a unique video game company. Created from the outset to develop online video games, it has always put the players that make up its community at the heart of its strategy.

With the community in Europe growing with its lead title, SMITE, 2016 Bafta winner, being extremely popular on all major gaming platforms, Hi-Rez is more committed than ever to provide the best experience to its European players and so opened the Hi-Rez Europe as its local branch in Brighton, UK in early 2016. Hi-Rez Europe is a small team whose sole mission is to make the gaming experience the best possible for its 5M+ players in the region. They do this by engaging with the communities directly, localising Hi-Rez titles to the next level of quality, and leading the competitive gaming growth in Europe through its eSports initiatives.

To accomplish this mission, we had to build a multinational and multicultural team, and so we based our headquarters in Brighton, UK – a very attractive location to foreign nationals as well as strong hub for the video game industry.

After the imminent launch of SMITE on the PlayStation 4, and all the challenges it represents, Hi-Rez Europe is gearing up to launch another online title called Paladins later this year, while addressing the constant needs of the ever-growing SMITE player base.


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We are very proud of J4K and the PROVEN results that we have achieved for our students and coaches over the past decade with our goalkeeper training schools globally. J4K now operates in 28 countries, across 5 continents and we have over 10,000 parents trusting J4K, by bringing their child to our weekly classes. No other goalkeeper coaching school in history even comes close to the results that we have had for our students in terms of helping them get to professional soccer clubs or helping them gain college educational scholarships.
Even though our focus is to help our students and 200+ coaches achieve their goalkeeping dreams, the main passion behind J4K is to empower our students to have 100% belief and confidence in themselves that will help them in life and whatever career they endeavour to chase. So our focus is building the mindset of our students and coaches.
In just a couple of years, J4K now has become the leading coaching schools in our niche in the USA and we are now planning to open a J4K head office in the US this year to increase our service to our students and coaches across the USA.

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Easirent is a privately-owned Car Hire company beating the competition by offering low-cost car rental at all major UK and Ireland airports and cities. Starting over 30 years ago in the North West as a small, local car and van hire business, Easirent has rapidly expanded to London, Scotland, Wales, New York and now Ireland. With a sales team in Leeds and their Head Office based in Liverpool’s iconic Royal Liver Building, Easirent is at the heart of Good British Car Hire. Understanding customers’ individual needs and providing a great level of customer service that bigger brands can’t is what keeps Easirent’s customers loyal.

Easirent holds a fleet size of over 2000 vehicles, made up of brand new 16-plate luxury named cars and a whole range of commercial MPVs and Vans. With a staff base of around 200 employees and drivers, this company has grown from strength to strength recently taking on the opportunity of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. By offering customers an alternative option, saving money and setting an example by reducing their carbon footprint. Their recent expansion into Ireland has helped secure more incoming business from Cork and Dublin Airport. Building a good team up in Ireland has helped M.D Paul Hanley tap into what car hire customers really want in today’s market: ease of booking and speediness of checking out.

@easirentcarhire (

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Kiz Studios

Kiz Studios is an independent video game and entertainment development company. We develop and publish digital games released across console and mobile app stores the world over with content that is considered and localized for local markets. The content of the games bend genres and blurs the lines between casual and hardcore, making accessible games for a global audience. Our catalogue of games includes the mobile hit Critter Escape, cross-platform battler, Might and Mayhem, PlayStation 4 action brawler, Trans Galactic Tournament, and Wonky Ship, featured by Apple in their “Best of 2015” apps.


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